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Henry Selick

James and the giant peach

Edition 1996
79' - 1996 - Family, Adventure - Dialogue: English
Director: Henry Selick Composer: Randy Newman With: Paul Terry, Joanna Lumley, Pete Postlethwaite
Roald Dahl's classic children's fantasy receives an extraordinary adaptation from Tim Burton and Henry Selick, the groundbreaking filmmakers of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". With a dazzling combination of live-action and state-of-the-art stop motion animation, the film tells the story of a nine year old orphan named James. When the boy climbs into a giant magic peach, he leaves behind his miserable life with his mean aunts and finds a new home filled with magical friends. Along with the giant centipede, sexy spider and his other new mates, James and the giant peach roll out of his backyard and into the adventure of a lifetime.

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Henry Selick


Randy Newman


Paul Terry, Joanna Lumley, Pete Postlethwaite


Karey Kirkpatrick, Jonathan Roberts, Steve Bloom

Director of Photography

Pete Kozachik, Hiro Narita


Stan Webb


Tim Burton, Denise Di Novi

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Countries of production

United States of America, United Kingdom

Screenplay based on

"James and the giant peach" (Roald Dahl)



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