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Thierry Michel

Iran sous le voile des apparences (Iran: Veiled Appearances)

90' - 2002 - Documentary - Dialogue: Persian, French
Director: Thierry Michel Composer: Shahyar Ghanbari
Defying, clarifying and contradicting the images of Iran presented by U.S. media, social critics, and politicians--including recent pronouncements about the axis of evil or the supposed moderating influence of the country's liberal-minded youth and intellectuals-- is Thierry Michel's Iran, Veiled Appearances, an insightful documentary on life in contemporary Iran. Michel, has gained extraordinary access to both the inner machinations of Iran's paramilitary religious sects and the significant threats posed by radical Islam's commitment to martyrdom and its heavenly aspirations, and an increasingly modernized youth culture who express their desire for change and a more open society and challenge the wisdom of their parents who fought for -- and continue to embrace -- the traditions and ideals of the Islamic Revolution. By illustrating these dramatically different forces at play within Iranian society, Michel gives us a rare glimpse into a country that seems destined for change -- or perhaps not.

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Thierry Michel


Shahyar Ghanbari


Thierry Michel

Director of Photography

Farsin Khosrowshahi


Marine Deleu


Christine Pireaux

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Persian, French

Countries of production

Italy, Belgium, France



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