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Arhtur Penn


Edition 1996
100' - 1996 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: German, English
Director: Arhtur Penn With: Eric Stoltz, Nigel Hawthorne, Louis Gossett Jr.
Marty Strydom, an idealistic professor from a prominent white South African family, is accused of conspiring against the regime after attending an Amnesty International concert in Zimbabwe. As colonel Kruger, who interogates Marty sees it, he is a traitor to his own people. After suffering days of physical torture, Marty resists the colonel s manipulative questioning as much as possible. However the colonel is excellent at his job and breaks down Marty s resolve by offering physical proof of false testimonies from close friends that claim he intentionally plotted agianst the government. Under these harsh conditions Marty loses his will to survive and commits suicide. Ten years later the new South Africa emerges...

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Arhtur Penn


Eric Stoltz, Nigel Hawthorne, Louis Gossett Jr.


Bima Stagg

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German, English

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United States of America



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