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Jia Zhang Ke

In Public (In public)

32' - 2001 - Short
Director: Jia Zhang Ke
A suburban train station. A man in military overcoat is wandering in his own solitude.

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Jia Zhang Ke


Jia Zhang Ke

Director of Photography

Yu Lik-Wai, Jia Zhang Ke


Jia Zhang Ke


Tcha Seungjai

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Countries of production

South Korea




Jia Zhangke
Xiaoshan Going Home (1995), Pickpocket (1997), Platform (2000), In Public (short, 2001), The Condition of Dogs (short, 2001), Unknown Pleasures (2002), The World (2004), Dong (2006), Still Life (2006), Wuyong (2007), Our Ten Years (short, 2007), 24 City (2008), Cry Me a River (short, 2008), Stories on Human Rights (2008), Shi nian (2009), I Wish I Knew (2010), Yulu (2011), 3.11 Sense of Home (2011), A Touch of Sin (2013), Venice 70: Future Reloaded (2013), Smog Journeys (short, 2015), Mountains May Depart (2015), Our Time: A Decade of Daring (short, 2015), The Hedonists (short, 2016), Where Has the Time Gone (2017), Ash Is Purest White (2018), The Bucket (short, 2019), Swimming Out Till the Sea Turns Blue (2020), Visit (short, 2020)

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