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Hong Sang-soo

In Front of Your Face (Dangsin-eolgul-apeseo)

Edition 2021
85' - 2021 - Drama - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Hong Sang-soo Composer: Hong Sang-soo With: Lee Hyeyoung, Cho Yunhee, Kwon Haehyo

The chances of Hong Sang-soo directing a different movie while you are ready this is large. In this (currently his youngest) film, Sang-soo zoomed in on the fragility of life - memento mori.

She has never lived in a high-rise apartment, and she wonders how her sister can live at this height every day. A few days ago she kind of burst in to stay with her sister, and she is now becoming re-accustomed to life in korea. While seeming to keep a grave secret to herself, she manages life one day at a time with a sense of mindfulness. Meanwhile a certain director, some years younger than her, has asked her to join his project, and after a polite refusal, they have agreed to meet for the first time today. Downtown Seoul is filled with narrow alleys that harbor tiny old bars, and that’s where they meet. As they are getting drunk, there is sudden rainfall and thunder.
“Small is beautiful and luminous in In Front of Your Face. An easy film to overlook in its subtlety, it recounts a day in the life of a middle-aged actress who, on the pregnant cusp between life and death, agrees to meet a rather foolish film director in a cafe.” - The Hollywood Reporter

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Hong Sang-soo


Hong Sang-soo


Lee Hyeyoung, Cho Yunhee, Kwon Haehyo


Hong Sang-soo

Director of Photography

Hong Sang-soo


Hong Sang-soo

Production studios

Jeonwonsa Film

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Countries of production

South Korea



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