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Amber production team

In Fading Light

Edition 1990
103' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Amber production team Composer: Alasdair Robertson, Ray Stubbs With: Joe Caffrey, Maureen Harold, Dave Hill
The arrival of a young woman at the dockside where the crew of a fishing boat are werking stirs interest. It tums to upheaval when it tums out Karen Olsen is the daughter of skipper Dave Hill and wants to stay with him. Neither the crew nor his common-law wife are thrilled at the prospect. The crew is even less thrilled when they find Hill has decided to rake Karen on their next fishing trip. She proves to be an excellent fisherman and even wins the grudging respect of Sammy Johnson who refused to talk to her for the entire trip...

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Cb06b750 6293 4e84 8b75 2cfec1437f6b



Amber production team


Alasdair Robertson, Ray Stubbs


Joe Caffrey, Maureen Harold, Dave Hill


Tom Hadaway

Director of Photography

Amber production team


Amber production team


Amber Films

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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