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Nanouk Leopold

Îles flottantes

Edition 2001
82' - 2001 - Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Nanouk Leopold Composer: Harry De Wit With: Maria Kraakman, Manja Topper, Halina Reijn, Leopold Witte, Kuno Bakker
Kaat leaves Max the day after her thirtieth birthday and moves in with her friend Sascha. Kaat is in a dilemma. She is pregnant and does not know who the father is, Max or Christophe, the boyfriend of Isa. Though Sascha and Isa are suspicious of her curious behaviour, Kaat remains silent and quickly arranges an abortion. When it turns out that Kaat isn’t pregnant after all, she confesses everything to Sascha and resolves to return to Max. But Max doesn’t want her back and what is more, Sascha insists that she comes clean with Isa. While Kaat is ignorant of the mess she has made of her and other people’s lives, Sascha suffers a personal tragedy. Then Isa is forced to confront herself, and the extent of her ambition, when Christophe dumps her. But whereas Sascha and Isa show signs of confronting their problems, Kaat remains obsessed with restoring the past.

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Nanouk Leopold


Harry De Wit


Maria Kraakman, Manja Topper, Halina Reijn, Leopold Witte, Kuno Bakker


Nanouk Leopold

Director of Photography

Benito Strangio


Katharina Wartena


Stienette Bosklopper

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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