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Murilo Salles

How Angels Are Born (Como Nascem os Anjos)

Edition 1997
100' - 1996 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Portuguese, English
Director: Murilo Salles Composer: Victor Biglione, Victor Biglione With: Priscila Assum, Silvio Guindane, Larry Pine, Ryan Massey, Andre Mattos
The story centres on Branquinha, a young girl in the Santa Marta shantytown. Abandoned by her parents, she marries Maguila, a hapless member of a drug-trafficking ring. When he challenges and ends up killing his boss, the rest of the gang come after him. Branquinha tries to help Maguila escape, but the gang members discover them in the attempt. In the resulting frenzy Branquinha’s schoolmate Japa gets involved as well. They make their getaway in a stolen car, and end up wandering around a very posh part of Rio, where they approach William, an American businessman. But William’s bodyguard, suspecting a mugging, jumps on Branquinha, prompting a gunfight.

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Murilo Salles


Victor Biglione, Victor Biglione


Priscila Assum, Silvio Guindane, Larry Pine, Ryan Massey, Andre Mattos


Murilo Salles, Jorge Durán

Director of Photography

César Charlone


Vicente Kubrusli, Isabelle Rathery


Cláudio Kahns, Rômulo Marinho Jr., Murilo Salles

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German, Portuguese, English

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