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Park Song-yeol

Hot in Day, Cold at Night (낮에는 덥고 밤에는 춥고)

Edition 2022
90' - 2021 - Drama - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Park Song-yeol With: Won Hyang-ra, Park Song-yeol, Shin Won-woo
With practically no money, Park Song-yeol made Hot in Day, Cold at Night, in which a couple courageously fights against injustice and wrongdoing in South-Korea. A heartbreaking story.
The pitfalls of capitalism are mercilessly exposed in Hot in Day, Cold at Night by South Korean director Park Song-yeol. He himself plays a man who is recovering from a motorbike accident that has kept him unemployed for months. His partner (Wong Hyang-ra) has a job left and right in between studying for her diploma. The two have to fight to survive in a system that prefers to treat unlucky people as social waste. Moreover, they are scorned by those who are lucky. This becomes painfully clear when the two arrive at her mother's birthday party without a present. Park and Wong practically made this film on their own. They play the leads, wrote the screenplay together, edited the film, while Park also did the photography. Hot in Day, Cold at Night is a true no-budget film. With a touching, sobering story.
“An unemployed young couple spirals into ever-escalating economic precarity in Park Song-yeol’s gripping, frequently amusing, and expertly written moral tale, fueled by the desperation of contemporary lower-middle-class living. A work that is at once charming, empathetic, and satirical.” - Film at Lincoln Center

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Park Song-yeol


Won Hyang-ra, Park Song-yeol, Shin Won-woo


Park Song-yeol, Won Hyang-ra

Director of Photography

Park Song-yeol


Park Song-yeol, Won Hyang-ra


Won Hyang-ra

Production studios


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Countries of production

South Korea




Park Song-yeol
Night and Dreams (short, 2013), Can We Just Love (2018), Hot in Day, Cold at Night (2021)

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