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Simcha Jacobovici

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream

Edition 1998
98' - 1998 - Historical, Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Simcha Jacobovici Composer: Aaron Davis, John Lang With: Neal Gabler, R.H. Thomson, J. Hoberman
A film about the founders of Hollywood and the image of America they helped to build, about a small group of Jewish immigrants who were to turn a fledgling technical invention - moving pictures - into the most influential art form and most important mass medium of the twentieth century. Based on the fact that the founders of the big film studios - Adolph Zukor (Paramount), Carl Laemmle (Universal), Louis B. Mayer (M.G.M), Harry Colin (Columbia), William Fox and the Warner Brothers - were all either European immigrants or at least the sons of immigrants, the film depicts the lives of these producers, a group of men who first had to find their own identity as Americans, but ended up re-inventing Americe itself.

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Simcha Jacobovici


Aaron Davis, John Lang


Neal Gabler, R.H. Thomson, J. Hoberman

Director of Photography

Mark Mackay


Reid Dennison


Elliott Halpern, Simcha Jacobovici

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Countries of production

Canada, United Kingdom, Germany

Screenplay based on

"An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood" (Neal Gabler)



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