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Samir Seif

His Excellency the Minister (Ma'ali Al Wazir)

Director Samir Seif Cast Ahmed Zaki, Hesham Abdel Hamid, Lebleba
Edition 2003
97' - 2002 - Mystery, Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: Arabic
This Egyptian film will give you the opportunity to enlarge your geographical film horizon. Media tycoon Raafat Rostom is the main character in this sometimes venomous satire. At a dinner at his place, it is insinuated that Rostom might qualify for a ministerial portfolio in the new government. Some time later, the phone rings. The prime Minister offers him a seat in the government. But when Rostom is taking the oath, it becomes obvious that the Prime Minister has made a mistake, and was having in mind university professor Rostom. The newspaper tycoon refuses to move. Unfortunately, he is plagues by terrible nightmares about his past. The film declines every responsibility if some ministers deal with their responsibility like shown on the screen. a remarkable piece of work, even if the symbolism is not always clear for people who don't live in Egypt.

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Samir Seif


Ahmed Zaki, Hesham Abdel Hamid, Lebleba


Wahid Hamed

Director of Photography

Ramsis Marzouk


Donya Farouk


Samir Seif

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