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Allan Miller

High Fidelity - The Guarneri String Quartet

Edition 1990
85' - 1989 - Biography, Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Allan Miller With: John Dalley, David Soyer, Arnold Steinhardt
This is a film made by people who know music. lt is beautifully and discreetly photographed by Dyanna Taylor, who seems to have been able to make a camera and sound crews invisible. They record not only performances, but also rehearsals (in which things do not always go well), group discussions (in which the four men are on their best behavior) and individual interviews when, it seems at times, each man longs to say just a little more than he dares. High Fidelity is pure pleasure. (New York Times, 15.9.89)

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Allan Miller


John Dalley, David Soyer, Arnold Steinhardt

Director of Photography

Dyanna Taylor


Thomas Haneke


Allan Miller

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United States of America



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