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Kaspar Rostrup

Her i nærheden (A Place Nearby)

100' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: Danish
Director: Kaspar Rostrup Composer: Fuzzy With: Ghita Nørby, Thure Lindhardt, Frits Helmuth
Kaspar Rostrup directs his usual murder mystery about a single mother's fierce love for her autistic son. In flashbacks, we see doctors explaining to Mrs. Nielsen that her young son Brian is not necessarily retarded, but different nonetheless. ‘He's in his own world, as if he's from another star’, one tells her. Years later, Mrs. Nielsen, who ekes out a living by running a general store in a small rural community, tries to shelter her now grown Brian from the rest of the world. During one swelteringly hot summer night, Brian returns later than usual from his evening walk. The next morning, news spreads that a murdered teenaged girl had been found in the local park. Mrs. Nielsen immediately suspects her son and sets about removing potentially incriminating evidence and coaching her son as to what to say to the police. Meanwhile, Detective Jespersen, who also suspects Brian, keeps dropping by the general store and peppering Brian with the same questions. (Jonathan Crow)

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D1db4d18 2162 4517 9d77 f98caf2b3308
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Kaspar Rostrup




Ghita Nørby, Thure Lindhardt, Frits Helmuth


Kaspar Rostrup, Martha Christensen

Director of Photography

Eric Kress


Grete Møldrup


Tina Dalhoff

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Screenplay based on

"Her i nærheden" (Martha Christensen)



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