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Virgil Widrich

Heller als der Mond (Brighter than the Moon)

Edition 2000
88' - 2000 - Crime, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Virgil Widrich Composer: Alexander Zlamal With: Christopher Buchholz, Lars Rudolph, Piroska Szekely
An Italian named Paolo loses his job. At the same time, two bank robbers, Melles and his Romanian driver Knarek, pull a job. Melles discovers that Knarek has smuggled his fiancée Julie over the border in the car trunk and tosses her out on the street. She then meets Paolo, who gives her a ride to Vienna. Paolo takes Julie to his apartment, but she is only interested in Austrian banks, which she says shine ‘brighter than the moon’. Paolo and Julie break into a Chinese restaurant: he announces that he would like to open his own eatery, while she is interested in the bank next door. That night, they plan to break through the wall to the bank, but the cops are aware of their plan. Only a mistake prevents them from getting caught...

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B4f979f2 86bc 4089 8be7 a3a0f217dc7c
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Virgil Widrich


Alexander Zlamal


Christopher Buchholz, Lars Rudolph, Piroska Szekely


Virgil Widrich, Enrico Jakob

Director of Photography

Martin Putz


Niki Mossböck


Virgil Widrich

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