08 19 Oct '24
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Wolfram Paulus

Heidenlöcher (Hideouts)

Edition 1987
100' - 1986 - War, Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Wolfram Paulus Composer: Bert Breit With: Florian Pircher, Albert Paulus, Helmut Vogel
In this well-photographed and sometimes confusing wartime drama, an Austrian village experiences the tragedy of war on several different levels. Within one family, the younger son is jealous of the praise his father gives to a Polish POW who is working for them under very difficult conditions. Within the village as a whole, the French, Polish, and Russian POWs are kept under guard by Nazi soldiers, creating a tense situation all around. But more importantly, the village has conspired to hide an Austrian deserter in a cave up in the mountains. This act of rebellion on the part of the deserter and the village hangs in a precarious balance that could be upset by a single traitorous comment to the Gestapo.

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Wolfram Paulus


Bert Breit


Florian Pircher, Albert Paulus, Helmut Vogel

Director of Photography

Wolfgang Simon


Wolfram Paulus


Peter Voiss, Alex von Hahn

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Countries of production

Austria, West Germany



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