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Ralph Ziman

Hearts and minds

Edition 1996
100' - 1995 - Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, English
Director: Ralph Ziman Composer: Alan Ari Lazar With: Patrick Shai, Danny Keogh, Seputla Sebogodi
South Africa in the late 80s. Andries Fourie is a police officer, or, to be more precise, a member of a death squad. All too often Andries has been called upon to eliminate "undesirable elements" and he now finds himself on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Matthews Kage, a celebrated hero and leader of the armed wing of the ANC, is said to be in the country. Fourie's unit are given the task of tracking down this enemy of the system. Van Vuuren, his superior, gives him a special secret mission. Andries is to pretend to join the black struggle for liberation, become a member of the ANC, win Kage's confidence and then rub him out...

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Ralph Ziman


Alan Ari Lazar


Patrick Shai, Danny Keogh, Seputla Sebogodi


Ralph Ziman, Patrick Shai

Director of Photography

Solly Mbele, Buster Reynolds


Chris Dickens, Richard Marden, Christopher Holmes


Benjamin Howell, Ralph Ziman

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Portuguese, Afrikaans, Zulu, English

Countries of production

South Africa



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