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Joost Ranzijn

Han de Wit

Edition 1990
90' - 1990 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Joost Ranzijn Composer: Kees van der Vooren With: Koen De Bouw, Nelly Frijda, Jim van der Woude
A tragi-comedy about a family which conquers all the misfortune in the world, thanks to the dynamism of Han de Wit. Han's carefree life comes to an end when his father loses his job. The family moves to an area under the smoke of a factory. Mother ingeniously attempts to make ends meet. Father has had enough and decides to take action. Han has to earn his living. The spoilt schoolboy becomes a garbage man. Han develops a new route for the garbage truck and gets himself promoted. Misfortune strikes, however, when father falls from the truck and Is invalided out by the doctors...

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Joost Ranzijn


Kees van der Vooren


Koen De Bouw, Nelly Frijda, Jim van der Woude


Joost Ranzijn, Jane Waltman

Director of Photography

Lex Wertwijn


Joost Ranzijn


Jane Waltman

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Han de Wit" (Heere Heeresma)



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