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Ji-woo Jung

Haepi-endeu (Happy End)

100' - 1999 - Crime, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Ji-woo Jung Composer: Cho Young-wuk, Kim Kyu-Yang With: Choi Min-sik, Jeon Do-yeon, Ju Jin-mo
Min-Ki is a banker who got laid off after six years of work. Although he’s under constant sense of uneasiness, Min-Ki enjoys his new leisurely life without work stress, thanks to the successful career of his wife Bo-Ra. Taking care of their daughter, doing the house chores, and spending quiet time reading at the park, these are all blessings for him. In the meantime, Bo-Ra is having an adulterous relationship with her college sweetheart Il-Beom, whom she separated with when he left for the military service. Although she values the importance of keeping the family together, she’s fascinated with Il-Beom’s conspicuous love toward her as well as certain happiness she receives from the reminiscence of her youth. Pretty soon, Min-Ki discovers their intimate relationship, and this brings about interpersonal tension among the three. All three dream their own version of the happy end, resulting in an unexpected outcome.

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Ji-woo Jung


Cho Young-wuk, Kim Kyu-Yang


Choi Min-sik, Jeon Do-yeon, Ju Jin-mo


Ji-woo Jung

Director of Photography

Woo-hyung kim


Kim Hyun


Eun Lee

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Countries of production

South Korea



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