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Pjer Zalica

Gori Vatra (Fuse)

Edition 2003
105' - 2003 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Bosnian, Serbian, English
Director: Pjer Zalica Composer: Sasa Losic With: Enis Beslagic, Bogdan Diklic, Sasa Petrovic
Tesanj, Bosnia. Warm and unassuming inhabitants, a happy life, tradition, good neighbourniness. But this tranquil surface hides ethnic intolerance, crime, prostitution and corruption. Suddenly, the announcement of American President Bill Clinton's imminent visit to Tesanj sends the little community into euphoria. In the international spotlight, the small town looks forward to a massive influx of foreign capital, promises of prosperity and well-being. All that is needed for the dream to become a reality is to clean up the town's darker side. Under the supervision of international observers posted to the region, the small town embarks on a breathless race to beat the clock. It has only seven days to create an impromptu democracy. The whole community tips over into madness, quiet and raving by turns, as the hours tick by. Pjer Zalica has made a lively, observant and lyrical comedy in which irony vies with tenderness to depict the cynicism and unsavoury side of post-war Bosnia. The film had won the Silver Leopard in Locarno and the Best Film Award and five other prizes in Sarajevo this year.

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Pjer Zalica


Sasa Losic


Enis Beslagic, Bogdan Diklic, Sasa Petrovic


Pjer Zalica

Director of Photography

Mirsad Herovic


Almir Kenovic


Ademir Kenovic

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Bosnian, Serbian, English

Countries of production

Bosnia and Herzegovina



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