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Bill Condon

Gods and monsters

105' - 1998 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: Hungarian, English
Director: Bill Condon Composer: Carter Burwell With: Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave
Director Bill Condon brings to the screen the life of James Whale, the famed director of the old Frankenstein movies, in this poignant portrait of a man and artist in the winter of his life. James may be old, but he has a glint in his eye for mischief. He has long given up his career, and his health is failing terribly, but he still succumbs to a fascination for the new yard boy. Clayton, an ex- marine living in a trailer park, is a gardener by trade but a drifter in spirit. James coaxes him into modelling, triggering an unexpected outpouring of memories, some of them verbal, others in the form of visions. They will draw these two unlikely men into a tender relationship that has surprising importance for both.

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Bill Condon


Carter Burwell


Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave

Director of Photography

Stephen M. Katz


Virginia Katz


Paul Colichman, Gregg Fienberg, Mark Harris

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Hungarian, English

Countries of production

United Kingdom



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