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Michael Winterbottom

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Edition 1996
81' - 1995 - Drama, Romance, Sport - Dialogue: English
Director: Michael Winterbottom Composer: Alastair Gavin With: Robert Carlyle, Juliet Aubrey, James Nesbitt
The film tells the story of Nick, a young Scottish construction worker living in the big city. He plays on the local soccer team and is in every sense "one of the lads". Nick meets Karen, a bright and frothy hotel manager in training and the two fall in love and move in together. Soon after, Nick exhibits signs of serious illness. As his condition deteriorates, Karen suspects multiple sclerosis but opts not to tell him after she learns that added stress contributes to the disease. As his body slowly succumbs to the debilitating palsy, he experiences a wide sweep of jagged emotions - sorrow, anger, denial and resignation - and in the process gives himself and those who love him the strength to carry on and appriciate life's wonder.

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Michael Winterbottom


Alastair Gavin


Robert Carlyle, Juliet Aubrey, James Nesbitt


Jimmy McGovern, Paul Henry Powell

Director of Photography

Daf Hobson


Trevor Waite


Andrew Eaton

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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