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Benjamin Tucek

Girlie (Děvčátko)

Director Benjamin Tucek Composer Ivo Heger Cast Dorotka Nvotová, Jana Hubinska, Lukas Latinak
Edition 2003
83' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Czech, Slovak
Playful, sexy and provocative, 17-year-old Ema uses her imagination to fly beyond the cramped apartment she shares with her single mother on the outskirt of a gray city. The Vicissitudes of Ema, who has a modern and slightly eccentric relationship with her mother, extend over a couple of days. Also Ema's mother is looking for happiness and a new man. Step-by-step, we meet all the other characters - especially men - who influence the lives of the two women to a greater of lesser extent. The film is not a sketch of an existing reality, nor is it an apocalyptic vision of a disintegrating society. It is rather a reflection on the state of the human soul between the ruins of dysfunctional family and love relationships. And above all, it is a modern tragi-comedy with a hip girl and very good music.

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Benjamin Tucek


Ivo Heger


Dorotka Nvotová, Jana Hubinska, Lukas Latinak


Benjamin Tucek

Director of Photography

Antonin Chundela


Petr Mrkous


Daniel Tucek

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Czech, Slovak

Countries of production

Czech Republic, Slovenia