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Velu Viswanandhan

Ganga (Ganges/water)

Edition 1987
150' - 1985 - Documentary
Director: Velu Viswanandhan
With a minimal crew of 5 (including the driver) Viswanadhan spent two months going upstream to the source of the river, meeting people but especially taking in the rhythms and the emotions evoked by the journey. Viswanadhan was, before this film, very interested in abstract forms of painting but feels that the experience has helped him to reach out for more concrete imageries, a re-discovery of harmony with nature and a more sensible approach to the complexities of matching artistic endeavour with daily life. It does seem special but be aware that its full length is 150 minutes and that you are unlikely to want to leave the cinema once the images start flowing... (Film Fest Journal Berlin 1987)
Prix du «< Cinéma du réel», '86

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Velu Viswanandhan


Velu Viswanandhan

Director of Photography

Adoor Gopalakrishnan


Philippe Puicouyoul


Velu Viswanandhan

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Countries of production

India, France



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