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José Luis Marquès


Edition 2001
85' - 2000 - Drama, Documentary - Dialogue: Spanish, English
Director: José Luis Marquès Composer: Sergio Figueroa With: Fabian Stratas, Camilla Heaney
A typical Argentine visits the Malvinas Islands (the Falklands) after the war. Shot clandestinely with a video camera, this film shows his trip and his experiences in a world unknown to most people. Fabián Stratas has a plan. He hasn’t come this far just to set up images to show to his friends. He feels this land as his own and has a plan to recover it. As he goes around town he meets Camilla, a girl from the islands who works at the hospital. During the week that Fabián remains in the place they strengthen their bonds, hopeful that others will follow in their footsteps and gradually people the island with Argentine children …
Fuckland is the first Argentinean Dogma 95 movie.

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Bd6ee584 7ad5 437b 8a69 47521b0a8d81



José Luis Marquès


Sergio Figueroa


Fabian Stratas, Camilla Heaney

Director of Photography

Fabian Stratas, José Luis Marquès, Alejandro Hartman, Guillermo Naistat


Pipo Bonamino


Jonathan Perel

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Spanish, English

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