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Benedek Fliegauf

Forest: I See You Everywhere (Rengeteg - Mindenhol látlak)

Edition 2021
114' - 2021 - Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Benedek Fliegauf Composer: Benedek Fliegauf, Tamás Beke, Péter Fancsikai With: Eszter Balla, Laszlo Cziffer, Péter Fancsikai

Almost twenty years later, Hongarian director Benedek Gliegauf comes with a prequel to his dark omnibus Forest.

Seven hypnotic and unpredictable short stories culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope of couples, families and friends, all connected by their common fate. A standalone-sequel to Bence Fliegauf's 2003 festival-hit Forest.
"Fliegauf returns to the intense emotions and fragmented structure of his 2003 debut, a series of two-hander vignettes depicting relationships in various crises. (...) Forest – I See You Everywhere is a collage of human dysfunction, jumping between themes of grief, abuse and retribution." - Variety

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Benedek Fliegauf


Benedek Fliegauf, Tamás Beke, Péter Fancsikai


Eszter Balla, Laszlo Cziffer, Péter Fancsikai


Benedek Fliegauf

Director of Photography

Mátyás Gyuricza, Ákos Nyoszoli


Terence Gábor Gelencsér, Wanda Kiss, David Kovacs


Benedek Fliegauf, Ernö Mesterházy, Mónika Mécs

Production studios

Fraktál Film, Inforg-M&M Film Kft.

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Benedek Fliegauf
Talking Heads (short, 2001), Van élet a halál elött? (2002), Hypnosis (short, 2003), Forest (2003), Dealer (2004), Európából Európába (segment, 2004), A sor (short, 2004), Trance (short, 2005), Tejút (2007), Csillogás (2008), Womb (2010), Magyarország 2011 (2012), Just the Wind (2012), Lily Lane (2016)

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