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Stefan Böhm

Fordringssägare (The creditors)

Edition 1989
118' - 1988 - Drama - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Stefan Böhm With: Bibi Andersson, Keve Hjelm, Tomas Bolme
This play, written immediately after Miss Julie in the late summer of 1888, is a one-act play which can be summed up in Gustav's words to Adolf, tekla's beloved husband : "Don't be afraid when I carve up a human soul and lay its entrails on the table. It is said to be awful for the uninitiated but when you've seen it once you'll never regret it."
The soul he intends to lay bare is that of a woman, his middle-aged one time flirt, Tekla. A writer, she has offended her former husband Gustav, by characterizing him as an idiot in one of her novels. Gustav now appears, unrecognized by her present husband Adolf, to take his revenge.

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Stefan Böhm


Bibi Andersson, Keve Hjelm, Tomas Bolme


Stefan Böhm

Director of Photography

John O. Olsson


Solveig Nordlund

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Screenplay based on

Fordringssägare, toneelstuk van August Strindberg



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