09 20 Oct '24

Ching-Jui Pai

Forbidden imperial tales (Jia dao gong li de nan ren)

Edition 1995
100' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Ching-Jui Pai Composer: Cong Su With: Wei Bien, Chen Hua Chang, Hung-Lieh Chen, Gaowa Siqin
During the Ching Dynasty, all pretty Manchurian girls at the age of eighteen were drafted by law to the palace to be selected by Empress Dowager to serve the Emperor. Zhu, unfortunately, is among them. Her boyfriend Fu tries to obtain news about her in Beijing but to no avail. One day he encounters Liu-The-Knife and is told that there is one way to enter the Forbidden Palace: if he signs up voluntarily to be “married” to the palace. He realizes too late, however, that he has to become a eunuch and therefore has to be castrated ...

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Ching-Jui Pai


Cong Su


Wei Bien, Chen Hua Chang, Hung-Lieh Chen, Gaowa Siqin


Chun Ku Chang

Director of Photography

Luo Qi


Xi Jie Wei, Ji Wen


Wong Chi, Richard Joe, Cheuck-Hon Wong, Cixin Zhu

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Countries of production

Hong Kong, Taiwan



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