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Hung-Wei Yeh

Five Girls and a Rope (Wu ge nu zi he yi gen sheng zi)

Edition 1995
123' - 1990 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin
Director: Hung-Wei Yeh Composer: Jiping Zhao With: Jing Ai, Shih Chang, Ying Chang
This is a film about five young women who grow up together in a rural village in feudal China. Women at the time were considered ' while men were the masters. Mingtao is the eldest, forced into a marriage against her will. Aigue lives with her 70-year-old grandmother. Hexiang helps her sister-in-law elope with a secret lover. Guijuan's sister is allowed to die in childbirth, in case the baby might be a boy. Jinmei has an aunt who goes mad because she is unable to bear a male child. A local legend tells that virgins, on death, wil go straight to the 'heavenly garden.' So the five decide to commit suicide to avoid their fate.

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Hung-Wei Yeh


Jiping Zhao


Jing Ai, Shih Chang, Ying Chang


Hung-Wei Yeh, Chia-hua Lau, Mao Xiao

Director of Photography

Yi-Hsu Li, Wei-Han Yang


Hung-Wei Yeh


Tony Cun-lin, Feng Hsu

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Screenplay based on

"Five Girls and a Rope" (Hung-Wei Yeh)



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