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José Fonseca e Costa

Five Days, Five Nights (Cinco dias, cinco noites)

Edition 1997
90' - 1996 - Drama - Dialogue: Portuguese
Director: José Fonseca e Costa Composer: António Pinho Vargas With: Paulo Pires, Vítor Norte, Canto e Castro, Ana Padrao
Portugal at the end of the Forties. André is 19 and forced to leave the country after escaping from prison. His friends find him a guide - Lambaça, a rowdy, hard-drinking smuggler - who knows the Tràs-os-Montes border area. Their mutual dislike is evident from the first. However, as they cross mountains and valleys hiding from the border guards and the political police over five days and five nights, with the help of Lambaça's acquaintances, the two men have time to get to know one another better. By the time they part company, the initial antipathy and mistrust felt when these two worlds met - worlds which would never normally meet at all - may be transformed into a friendship and admiration that neither will forget.

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José Fonseca e Costa


António Pinho Vargas


Paulo Pires, Vítor Norte, Canto e Castro, Ana Padrao


José Fonseca e Costa, Jennifer Field

Director of Photography

Affonso Beato


Jacques Witta


Paulo Branco

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Countries of production

France, Portugal

Screenplay based on

Cinco Dias, Cinco Noites (Manuel Tiago)



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