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Bruno Bontzolakis

Familles je vous hais

Edition 1997
78' - 1997 - Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Bruno Bontzolakis Composer: Nicolas Ducron With: Yvan Kolnik, Denis Cacheux, Caroline Trousselard, Olivier Brabant
Seventeen-year-old Jessica wishes she didn't have to be serious. But how can she enjoy a carefree adolescence when her father is a radical right-wing activist and her mother is being unfaithful to him? How can she love, when lies and intolerance are the main values of a family bogged down in middle class comfort? In her small town in the province, what with political flyers and Tupperware parties. Jessica is prey to boredom and doubt. She meets boys like Thierry, a young bartender with a depressive mother, and Regis, one of her father's employees who is also a right wing fanatic. She loves the first, defies the second, and loses both…

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Bruno Bontzolakis


Nicolas Ducron


Yvan Kolnik, Denis Cacheux, Caroline Trousselard, Olivier Brabant


Bruno Bontzolakis

Director of Photography

Bruno Niveau, Miguel Sanchez-Martin


Joseph Guinvarch

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