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Lars Hesselholdt


Edition 2000
80' - 1999 - Family - Dialogue: Danish, Italian
Director: Lars Hesselholdt Composer: Gabriele Ducros, Martin Plante With: Fanny Louise Bernth, Luca Albergo, Aurelio Apicella
Katja, 9, lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She spends her time bird watching in the woods. One day she discovers a Peregrine falcon’s nest with chicks in it. Over the next few weeks she watches the small birds begin to grow. During one of her visits, a sudden storm destroys the nest. The falcon and the chicks that were able to fly escape and fly away, but the smallest is saved only thanks to Katja’s help. The little girl and the bird find refuge in the back of a lorry and they fall asleep. When they wake up they are very surprised: the lorry has set off and driven for hundreds of kilometers to Italy. In this unknown country, of which she cannot speak the language, Katja makes new friends, but at the same time she finds that she must fight to save her falcon from a terrible destiny.

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Lars Hesselholdt


Gabriele Ducros, Martin Plante


Fanny Louise Bernth, Luca Albergo, Aurelio Apicella


Lars Hesselholdt, Pascal Lonhay, Tina Rud Mogensen

Director of Photography

Marco Pontecorvo


Molly Malene Stensgaard


Ulrik Bolt Jørgensen

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Danish, Italian

Countries of production

Italy, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France



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