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Sándor Simó

Every Sunday (Franciska vasárnapjai)

Edition 1997
102' - 1996 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Sándor Simó Composer: Janos Novak With: Éva Kerekes, Dénes Ujlaky, Krisztina Bíró, Laszlo Görög
Franciska, daughter of a poor Hungarian maid, is pleased when she finds a position working for the wealthy Jewish merchant Lajos Groh, who even falls in love with her. During the Second World War, Lajos is sent to a forced labour camp, but he survives. After the war, Franciska feels she might be able to improve her lot and boost her self-confidence by joining a police corps of the ministry of the interior. She is given the job of warden in a omen's prison at Kistarcsa, where she is told that "every prisoner is your enemy". Nothing seems to make sense to her at all anymore, however, when the labour camp is finally shut down and her Lajos takes refuge abroad...

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Sándor Simó


Janos Novak


Éva Kerekes, Dénes Ujlaky, Krisztina Bíró, Laszlo Görög


Sándor Simó, Edit Kõszegi

Director of Photography

János Kende


Mária Rigó


Andras Ozorai

Production studios

Neuropa Film, Magyar Filmunio

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