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Timo Linnasalo

Eros and Psyche (Eros ja psykhe)

Edition 1998
94' - 1998 - Fantasy, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Finnish
Director: Timo Linnasalo Composer: Heikki Valpola With: Antti Reini, Heli Takala, Markku Blomqvist
Our small story about love and death, memories and longing, takes place during the few months from summer to autumn and early winter. Eros and Psyche have shared a brief summer romance. Psyche works in the local steel mill. In the autumn, Eros returns from his adventures and meets Psyche again. Morpheus, Eros’ father and barkeeper, has also set his eyes on Psyche. She tells Eros that she is carrying his child. Eros demands that she has an abortion. Angry and disappointed, Psyche intends to travel to her own family. As the train is pulling out of the station, she realises she cannot leave Eros and she jumps from the train. Meanwhile Morpheus has told Eros that his girlfriend is dead.

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C082ddff 2df9 44ef 86cd 819e4c34e5ec
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Timo Linnasalo


Heikki Valpola


Antti Reini, Heli Takala, Markku Blomqvist

Director of Photography

Tahvo Hirvonen


Anne Lakanen


Anssi Manttari, Olli Vesela

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