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Giorgos Zafiris

Ephemeral Town (Efimeri poli)

Edition 2001
89' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: Greek
Director: Giorgos Zafiris With: George Dialegmenos, Maria Skoula, Maria Kehayioglou, Muzafer Zifla
Andres travels to his dead mother’s home on the island. The character of the landscape has been altered. And the inhabitants – those that remain – don’t remember much. The island is flooded by ‘foreigners’, mostly tourists, dropouts and retirees. Andreas can no longer find his home. Everything has changed for good. And so he decides to do the only thing left to him. As he immerses himself in the myth of the island – he reconstructs the lost landscape. He sets the blue line of the horizon where it used to be. He will not be alone on his journey. The foreigners will help him. And the town will be rebuilt, an Ephemeral Town. (press kit)

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Giorgos Zafiris


George Dialegmenos, Maria Skoula, Maria Kehayioglou, Muzafer Zifla


Giorgos Zafiris, Christos Koulinos, Yannis Leontaris

Director of Photography

Stamatis Giannoulis


Giorgios Triantafyllou


Dimitra Stamatopoulou

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