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Tony Palmer

England, my England

Edition 1996
153' - 1995 - Drama, Biography - Dialogue: English
Director: Tony Palmer Composer: Henry Purcell With: Simon Callow, Michael Ball, Rebecca Front
Henry Purcell was, and is, England's greatest composer. But much of his life is a complete enigma. Exactly where was he born? And when? Who was his father? And where did he live during his tragically short life? All we know for certain is that he wrote over a thousand major works. The late 17th century, the time of Purcell, was an astonishing moment in English history. The scientist Isaac Newton, Christopher Wren - the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, the poets John Bunyan and Dryden,... these are some of the irrepressible characters who peopled the age, and the film. And there is King Charles II and his thirty-nine mistresses...

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Tony Palmer


Henry Purcell


Simon Callow, Michael Ball, Rebecca Front


John Osborne, Charles Wood

Director of Photography

Nicholas D. Knowland


Tony Palmer


Mike Bluett

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Countries of production

United Kingdom



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