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Vanessa Jopp

Engel & Joe

Edition 2001
96' - 2000 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: German
Director: Vanessa Jopp Composer: Beckmann With: Robert Stadlober, Jana Pallaske, Sabine Berg, Mirko Lang
This merciless yet poetic drama of youth is based on true events. Engel, a punk, meets Joe, a runaway, and that adventure called life begins. Engel spends each day without any particular plans, but he has his dreams, and he inspires Joe to dream as well. They fall madly in love and Joe falls pregnant. But what is their place in life? Where can they find a home? And who will accept them as they are? Engel and Joe decide to have the baby. Against all odds, their feelings promise a future for them if they overcome their fears and believe in their dreams. Driven by desire, their love becomes a bulwark against the rest of the world. But before they can make their dream of a home in the mountains come true, they have to survive the harsh reality of life on the streets. (press kit)

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Vanessa Jopp




Robert Stadlober, Jana Pallaske, Sabine Berg, Mirko Lang


Kai Hermann

Director of Photography

Judith Kaufmann


Martina Matuschewski


Michael Eckelt, Volker Stolberg, Ira Von Gienanth

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