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Juan Diego Botto

En los márgenes (On the Fringe)

Director Juan Diego Botto Composer Eduardo Cruz Cast Penélope Cruz, Luis Tosar, Adelfa Calvo
105' - 2022 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Evictions leave tens of thousands of Spanish families out in the cold every year. The tense ensemble drama En los márgenes, led by performances from Penélope Cruz and Luis Tosar, makes a fist against social injustice.
En los márgenes is a tense, social thriller telling the interweaving stories of three characters, told over the course of one day. Azucena has 24 hours to prevent herself and her family being evicted from their home by the bank intent on repossessing it. Rafael is a passionate lawyer and activist who strives to advocate for the victims of this modern day crisis. His wife is pregnant and needs his support but when he witnesses social workers taking a young child into care, he has to decide whether to spend his day tracking down the mother before it is too late or whether to focus on his own family. Theodora is a grandmother searching for her long lost son to say goodbye to him before her heart-wrenching situation reaches its conclusion. Today is a day like no other for all three characters. We accompany them as their lives hang in the balance. All the while, the clock continues to tick, like an unexploded bomb.
“Heavy on Loachian social realism and undergirded by the intensity and heavy stakes of a Safdie brothers flick, Juan Diego Botto’s gritty eviction thriller On the Fringe – produced by Penélope Cruz, who also lends her name to the billing sheet – makes for hard-hitting stuff.” - The Playlist

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Juan Diego Botto


Eduardo Cruz


Penélope Cruz, Luis Tosar, Adelfa Calvo


Juan Diego Botto, Olga Rodriguez

Director of Photography

Arnau Valls Colomer


Mapa Pastor


Penélope Cruz, Álvaro Longoria

Production studios

On the Fringe


Anga Productions

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Countries of production

Belgium, Spain




Juan Diego Botto
¡Hay motivo! (2004), On the Fringe (2022)