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Jørgen Leth

En Forårsdag i Helvede (A Sunday in Hell)

Director Jørgen Leth Cast David Saunders, Roger De Vlaeminck, Marc Demeyer
111' - 1977 - Documentary, Sport - Dialogue: Dutch, Danish, Italian, French
Director and poet Jørgen Leth is an experimenting loner in Danish films. Among other things, he is obsessed with bicycle racing as a ritual expression of human victory and defeat, and from this obsession he has made the unique ‘A Sunday in Hell’. The Sunday is April 11th, 1976, when the classic and gruelling annual bicycle race Paris-Roubaix was held. Hell is the cobblestone field roads of northern France, where the champions of bicycle racing battle for victory. With an army of photographers, Leth followed the race in all of its detail, and he has edited this 24 hours of footage into a mythic and documentary spectacular.

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Jørgen Leth


David Saunders, Roger De Vlaeminck, Marc Demeyer


Jørgen Leth

Director of Photography

Dan Holmberg, Peter Roos, Peter Klitgaard, Henrik Herbert


Lars Brydesen, Jørgen Leth


Christian Clausen, Christian Clausen

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Dutch, Danish, Italian, French

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Jørgen Leth
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