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Víctor Erice

El Sur

Edition 1991
95' - 1983 - Mystery, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Víctor Erice Composer: Enric Granados, Luis de Pablo With: Omero Antonutti, Sonsoles Aranguren, Icíar Bollaín
At 'The Seagull', a house with a weathercock, built outside a Northern town, lives Agustin, a doctor and water diviner: Julia, his wife, and Est:-ella, their daughter. The film, with great simplicity, tells the story of Estrella's growth and the fascinatîon she feels for her father. One day by sheer hazard, she discovers something that leads her to suspect that there has been another woman in her father's life. From that day onwards, life at 'The Seagull' wil! change. But Estrella will never learn the true identity of this woman, who, as her father knows, has definitely remained in the south.

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Víctor Erice


Enric Granados, Luis de Pablo


Omero Antonutti, Sonsoles Aranguren, Icíar Bollaín


Víctor Erice

Director of Photography

José Luis Alcaine


Pablo G. del Amo


Elías Querejeta

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Countries of production

Spain, France

Screenplay based on

Adelaida García Morales




Víctor Erice
On the Terrace (short, 1961), Páginas de un diario perdido (short, 1962), Los días perdidos (short, 1963), Entre vías (short, 1966), The Challenges (1969), The Spirit of the Beehive (1973), El Sur (1983), Dream of Light (1992), Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (2002), Alumbramiento (short, 2002), La morte rouge (short, 2006), Sea-Mail (short, 2007), Víctor Erice - Abbas Kiarostami: Correspondence (2007), 3.11 Sense of Home (2011), Centro Histórico (2012), Close Your Eyes (2023)

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