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Alvaro Velarde

El destino no tiene favoritos (Destiny has no favorites)

Edition 2003
90' - 2002 - Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Alvaro Velarde Composer: Irene Vivanco With: Annie Cepeda, Monica Steuer, Paul Vega
This clever, humorous and surprisingly elegant pastiche on the Peruvian telenovelas (soaps) tells the story of Ana, a rich bored housewife. When her husband rents the garden out to the film crew of the soap El destino no tiene favoritos and goes away on a business trip, this is a welcome change for Ana in her predictable life. From her window, she follows the shooting and soon becomes just as engrossed in the soap as her two maids. Ana is accidentally mistaken for an actress and is cast for a role, to the great dismay of the other actresses and her maids. The set is continually dominated by gossiping, intrigues and blackmail. The boundary between the two worlds - Ana's life and that of the soap - becomes increasingly difficult to tell one thing from the other...

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Alvaro Velarde


Irene Vivanco


Annie Cepeda, Monica Steuer, Paul Vega


Alvaro Velarde

Director of Photography

Michaela Cajahuaringa


Danielle Fillios


Alvaro Velarde

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