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Naumi Kejman, Aleksandr Iskin, Marianna Kireeva

Eisenstein : the master's house

Edition 1998
105' - 1998 - Biography, Documentary - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Naumi Kejman, Aleksandr Iskin, Marianna Kireeva Composer: Taras Bujewski With: Sergei Eisenstein, Naum Klejman
This film is an attempt to portray the visual and intellectual world of Sergei Eisenstein and to investigate the sources of his inspiration, which produced some of the most impressive movies in film history. The filmmakers link images in seemingly free association to make us aware of Eisenstein’s intellectual universe, his education, his art and the pressures in his creative life. The chains of associations are put together with sequences from his films, film sequences from directors he admired, historical documentary footage, photographs and newly filmed sequences. This is a feature documentary to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth and the 50th anniversary of his death

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D5a9b874 a7b7 424f 9a3b f1b5325d67ff



Naumi Kejman, Aleksandr Iskin, Marianna Kireeva


Taras Bujewski


Sergei Eisenstein, Naum Klejman

Director of Photography

A. Demtschenko, L. Wasiliev, J.Lissin, A. Simonow, G. Pahl


Alexej Rebrow, Uli Peschke


Karl Laabs

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