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Karin Wiertz, Jacques Verbeek

Easy Action Animated

Edition 1981
8' - 1978 - Action, Short
Director: Karin Wiertz, Jacques Verbeek Composer: Bertus Bogers
A man and a woman, are in a closed cube that continuously rotates. Using animation, it is possible to look inside this moving space because walls are removed and replaced at just the right moment. The movements of these two people form a kind of choreography, defined by the rhythm and the mathematical nature of the cube. In about three thousand photographs, these movements are recorded in phases. These photographs were used as the basis for the film. Easy Action Animated is a film that is typical of the work of Verbeek & Wiertz. With great precision, they build animated worlds/spaces that have a strong mathematical character: cubes, spirals, and rotating surfaces. These are abstractions in which man is imprisoned in an alienated way, whether he is a spectator or a subject.

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Karin Wiertz, Jacques Verbeek


Bertus Bogers

Director of Photography

Jacques Verbeek


Karin Wiertz


Willem Thijssen, Jacques Verbeek

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The Netherlands



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