09 20 Oct '24
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Craig Gillespie

Dumb Money

104' - 2023 - Drama, Comedy, Biography - Dialogue: English
Director: Craig Gillespie Composer: Will Bates With: Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, America Ferrera
Funnier than The Big Short, more realistic than The Wolf of Wall Street, and equally adept at capturing the zeitgeist as Wall Street, Dumb Money, which revolves around a massive stock market manipulation, is a triumph across the board.
Sensation on the New York Stock Exchange, in early January 2021. The stock of GameStop, a retail chain for computer games and consumer electronics, became 30 - yes, thirty - times more valuable in less than a month. This is the work of users on r/wallstreetbets, a section of the internet forum Reddit. What begins as a joke to tease two hedge funds that are betting on GameStop's stock plummeting quickly turns into a serious matter and becomes a global news headline. On paper, it may not seem like the perfect story for an exciting film, but director Craig Gillespie (known for I, Tonya and Cruella) vehemently disproves that assumption. This is mainly because Dumb Money is filled with engaging characters, led by the rebellious Keith Gill, who sets the whole saga in motion. The character is a dream role for Paul Dano, known for bringing anti-heroes to life.
"A rowdy comedy and a weirdly affecting tale of working class solidarity. (...) This energetic movie does not set out to break ground, but in putting centerstage those who are typically left on the sidelines, the movie emerges as a rousing success." - IndieWire

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E764bf05 e395 4804 bf3b aab81bc68f62



Craig Gillespie


Will Bates


Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, America Ferrera


Lauren Schuker Blum, Rebecca Angelo

Director of Photography

Nicolas Karakatsanis


Kirk Baxter


Craig Gillespie, Aaron Ryder, Teddy Schwarzman

Production studios

Black Bear Pictures


The Searchers

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Countries of production

United States of America

Screenplay based on

'The Antisocial Network' (Ben Mezrich)




Craig Gillespie
Mr. Woodcock (2007), Lars and the Real Girl (2007), Fright Night (2011), Million Dollar Arm (2014), The Finest Hours (2016), I, Tonya (2017), Cruella (2021), Dumb Money (2023)

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