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Lim Sang-su

Drown (파로호)

Edition 2022
101' - 2021 - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Lim Sang-su With: Lee Joong-ok, Kim Dae-geun, Kim Yeon-gyo
Horror creeps into social drama in this intriguing debut from South Korean filmmaker Lim Sang-su.

Winter is getting deeper, but Dow suffers from nightmares because he can't find his mother. Then one day, a young man (Ho-Seung) stays at a motel for a long time. Ho-Seung roams around Dow and watches him.

“When Do-woo’s mother goes missing in the dead of winter, everyone pitches in to help him find her. When she fails to turn up, suspicion turns towards him. An atmospheric mystery film - by a new voice in South Korean cinema - that keeps the audience guessing for the duration.” - The Reel Bits

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Lim Sang-su


Lee Joong-ok, Kim Dae-geun, Kim Yeon-gyo


Lim Sang-su

Director of Photography

Yun Geol


Seo Jun-won

Production studios

Korean Academy of Film Arts

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Countries of production

South Korea




Lim Sang-su
Rain Shower (short, 2019), Drown (2021)

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