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Tamta Khalvashi, Zaza Khalvashi

Drawing Lots

Director Tamta Khalvashi, Zaza Khalvashi Composer Minco Eggersman Cast Inga Jakhutashvili, Guladi Goguadze, Leila Bibineishvili
84' - 2023 - Mystery - Dialogue: Georgian

This posthumous work by Zaza Khalvashi, finished by his daughter Khalvashi, is an intriguing mosaic that threads together the lives of the inhabitants of a Georgian coastal town and reserves a significant role for the twists of fate.

Drawing Lots is an ensemble tale of subtly interlinked stories set in a close-knit neighbourhood of Georgia’s second city, Batumi. The lives of neighbours such as a talented and troubled aspiring rock star, petty criminals, angsty and love-struck teenagers, betrayed lovers, fractured families and many others intertwine in various ways, some expected and familiar, some surprising and secret, but always coloured by the underlying tribal magnetism of community. In this urban enclave, everybody is looking for something – money, friendship, success and, especially, love. But each quest is elusive in its own way, as these characters learn that desire is as changeable as a young man’s heart. The title refers to the central image of the neighbours playing a bingo-style game, their cacophonous and good-natured bickering exemplifying the community’s dynamics, and the game itself exemplifying the fickleness of fate.
“The film leaves a satisfying impression overall, creating an elegant structure out of what could have been a disjointed mess in the hands of less-seasoned filmmakers, not least thanks to Kukhashvili's editing and Dutch composer Minco Eggersman's score.” - Cineuropa

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Tamta Khalvashi, Zaza Khalvashi


Minco Eggersman


Inga Jakhutashvili, Guladi Goguadze, Leila Bibineishvili


Zaza Khalvashi

Director of Photography

Giorgi Shvelidze


Levan Kukhashvili


Sulkhan Turmanidze, Ieva Norviliene, Tekla Machavariani

Production studios



Mooov Distributie

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Countries of production

Georgia, Lithuania




Tamta Khalvashi
Drawing Lots (2023)
Zaza Khalvashi
Ik-Chemtan (1990), Mizerere (1996), Solomon (2015), Namme (2017), Drawing Lots (2023)