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Katarina Launing

Dragon girl (6+) (Dragevokteren)

Edition 2021
82' - 2020 - Fantasy, Family - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Katarina Launing Composer: Arvid Falch, Jan P. Muchow, Michal Novinski With: Isha Zainab Kahn, Iver Sandemose, Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Christmas is just around the corner in the little village Borington and everyone is preparing for the holidays – everyone except for eleven-year-old refugee Sara (Isha Zainab Khan). Afraid of having to leave the country, she constantly hides from the police and takes refuge in vacant houses. One day, everything changes when she has an incredible encounter: A shy animal has lost its way and crashes into the very same house. She can hardly believe her own eyes when she realizes – it is a dragon.
When the aspiring YouTube star Mortimer (Iver Aunbu Sandemose) comes to his neighbor’s house and finds them, Sara and her new friend seem to be in danger… Can the three outsiders overcome their fears and team up?
Christmas is around the corner in the Norwegian village of Borington. Everyone is preparing for the holidays, except for refugee Sara. When she and the aspiring Youtuber Mortimer discover a dragon, an adventure that will change them forever starts to unfold.

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Katarina Launing


Arvid Falch, Jan P. Muchow, Michal Novinski


Isha Zainab Kahn, Iver Sandemose, Anders Baasmo Christiansen


Lars Gudmestad, Harald Rosenløw-Eeg

Director of Photography

Trond Tønder


Anders Bergland, Silje Nordseth


Petter J. Borgli, Lars Andreas Hellebust, Frederick Howard

Production studios

Storm Films


JEF vzw

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Countries of production

Czech Republic, Norway




Katarina Launing
Callboy (short, 2000), Mors lille Ole (short, 2003), Magic Silver (2009), Fisk er sunt (short, 2010), Hotel Cæsar (TV-series (2002-2012), Cool Kids Don't Cry (2014), Battle (2018)

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