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Kim Hyun-jung

Double Agent (Iijung gancheop)

Edition 2003
120' - 2002 - Action, Thriller - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Kim Hyun-jung Composer: Michael Staudacher With: Han Suk-kyu, Koh So-Young, Chun Ho-Jin, Song Jae-Ho
Double Agent is a tamped-down winter's chill of a film. Bringing to life the bad old days of the Cold War it gives us the calculating human chess games of John Le Carre at his best. A stomach churning look at he 1980's anti-communist madness that turned patriots into tortures, its plot hinges on the minutiae of a spy's life: the accidental photograph, a name dropped during a confession. A film for everyone who loves spy movies but hates one-liners. Here, espionage isn't a rah-rah thrill ride, but a carnivorous hall of mirrors where people walk in, and husks walk out.

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Kim Hyun-jung


Michael Staudacher


Han Suk-kyu, Koh So-Young, Chun Ho-Jin, Song Jae-Ho


Shim Hye-Won, Paek Seung-Jae

Director of Photography

Kim Sung-Bok


Kim Sang-Bum


Koo Bon-Han

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Countries of production

South Korea



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