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Georgis Grigorakis


101' - 2020 - Drama - Dialogue: Greek
Director: Georgis Grigorakis Composer: Michalis Moschoutis With: Vangelis Mourikis, Argyris Pandazaras, Sofia Kokkali

A slow burning contemporary Western about a native farmer who lives and works in a farmhouse in the heart of a mountain forest in Northern Greece. For years now, he has been fighting with an expanding industrial Monster digging up the forest, disturbing the lush flora and threatening his property. Yet, the greatest threat comes with the sudden arrival of his young son after a separation of twenty years. They turn into enemies under one roof. Father and son confront each other head-on, with nature as their only observer, a showdown that ultimately yields an unexpected redemption for both.

"The first feature by Greek director Georgis Grigorakis is a handsomely made picture that tells the story of a troubled father-son relationship set against a topical environmental and social backdrop. [...] Digger is one of the more accomplished films in recent Greek cinema." - Cineuropa

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Georgis Grigorakis


Michalis Moschoutis


Vangelis Mourikis, Argyris Pandazaras, Sofia Kokkali


Georgis Grigorakis, Maria Votti, Vangelis Mourikis

Director of Photography

Giorgos Karvelas


Thodoris Armaos


Maria Hatzakou, Chrysanthi Karfi Koi, Athina Rachel Tsangari

Production studios

Haos Film, Faliro House Productions, Match Factory Productions, FassB Filmproduktion, Blonde Audiovisual Productions, Hellenic Radio & Television (ERT), NCoded

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Countries of production

Greece, Germany, France




Georgis Grigorakis
Vicious Circle (short, 2007), And Me for Myself (short, 2009), Reverse (short, 2010), Revolving (short, 2012), Celtman (short, 2013), 45 Degrees (short, 2013), Unplugged (short, 2014), Digger (2020)

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