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Timm Kröger

Die Theorie von Allem (The Universal Theory)

Director Timm Kröger Composer Diego Ramos Rodriguez, David Schweighart Cast Jan Bülow, Olivia Ross, Hanns Zischler
118' - 2023 - Thriller - Dialogue: German, Italian, French
German Hitchcock homage Die Theorie von Allem takes a dusty science conference in the Swiss mountain peaks to absurd heights. Nothing is what it seems in this enigmatic black-and-white pastiche. Can quantum mechanics bringer order to a chaotic universe?
In 1962, a young physicist travels with his thesis supervisor to a mysterious conference in the Swiss Alps where a scientist is about to reveal what he says is a groundbreaking theory. No dry subject matter in Die Theorie von Allem, but an unctuous blend of genres spiced up with numerous nods to Alfred Hitchcock thrillers. Deadly spy intrigues, film noir motifs and cold war paranoia merge with speculative science fiction in the snowy landscape. A sinister tension hangs in the air and among the physicists. The stylish black-and-white photography betrays that director and cinematographer Timm Kröger is also a gifted cinematographer. Kröger defies the laws of physics as much as the audience's expectations. Even for those who have had their fill of multiverses in the cinema. In an absurd world, anything is possible.
“A conference about quantum physics in 1960s Switzerland plays host to this atmospheric noir debut. Style meets even more style in Timm Kröger’s dazzling The Theory of Everything. (...) A black-and-white Hitchcockian multiverse time-meld (...) set in post-War Switzerland of 1961.” - Screen Daily

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Timm Kröger


Diego Ramos Rodriguez, David Schweighart


Jan Bülow, Olivia Ross, Hanns Zischler


Timm Kröger, Roderick Warich

Director of Photography

Roland Stuprich


Jann Anderegg


David Bohun, Sarah Born, Tina Börner, Heino Deckert, Lixi Frank, Rajko Jazbec, Timm Kröger, Dario Schoch, Viktoria Stolpe

Production studios

ma.ja.de fiction

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German, Italian, French

Countries of production

Austria, Germany, Switzerland




Timm Kröger
Das leicht beunruhigende Schaukeln bei der Fahrt ins Tal (2012), The Council of Birds (2014), The Theory of Everything (2023)