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Usch Barthelmeß-Weller, Werner Meyer

Die Kinder aus Nr. 67

Edition 1981
103' - 1980 - Family - Dialogue: German
Director: Usch Barthelmeß-Weller, Werner Meyer Composer: Andy Brauer With: Bernd Riedel, René Schaaf, May Buschke
The "Our Gang" type adventures of German working class kids from a Berlin apartment building (number 67) during the early 1930s. With Nazism's rise, however, their tight-knit group unravels. One leader, Paul, becomes a Nazi. (In a later book of the series, you discover he renounces Nazism and flees to Switzerland.) One, Erwin, resists Nazification. (In a later book, his father takes him to Sweden. He eventually, however, fights for the British.) And the girl, Miriam, who is Jewish, immigrates to Canada. (In a later book, she returns to Europe after the war, where all three comrades finally meet in Geneva to renew their vows of friendship once again.)

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Usch Barthelmeß-Weller, Werner Meyer


Andy Brauer


Bernd Riedel, René Schaaf, May Buschke


Usch Barthelmeß-Weller, Werner Meyer

Director of Photography

Hans-Günther Bücking, Jürgen Jürges


Helga Borsche


Renée Gundelach

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Countries of production

West Germany

Screenplay based on

"Die Kinder aus Nr. 67" (Lisa Tetzner)



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